summer heat richmond X marry the movement action

dawn haney and katie loncke, co-directors of buddhist peace fellowship, and i

all decided to do contribute to

summer heat richmond,

a demonstration that took place august 3rd, 2013

at the chevron refinery in richmond, california.

below is a script that we and others performed— mic-check in tow— at the demonstration.

photos below show in what style we like to get down to show our commitment and solidarity.

[click on photos to enlarge!]


Dearly Beloved,

Now that marriage has accepted heteros and homos,

We are gathered here today

Because we are STILL holy dissatisfied.

What good is marriage if we can’t breathe air?

What good is a white dress on a poisoned body?

Joining two people is not enough,

We must all join together to survive!

For better or for worse, We vow to fight the tar sands

In sickness and in Health, We vow to fight the pipelines

For richer or for poorer, We vow to fight corporate oil

We vow to love and to cherish

our Earth


Young and Old

Native and Settler

Black and Brown

Til death do us part!

[writers: dawn haney, katie loncke and aneeta mitha]

*Hat Tip to Southerners on New Ground for inspiring us!*

[originally published on buddhist peace fellowship facebook]

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